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Safety Reporting Systems

Exigent will help you ensure that health and safety events in your workplace are properly managed.  With Directors required to demonstrate that they understand health and safety throughout the organisation, recording and reporting the right information is critical.

Safety Management Systems

Exigent develops simple, easy-to-use safety management systems to make sure your business is safe and compliant.  Our safety management systems are being used by more than 3,500 customers throughout the country and because they were developed in conjunction with WorkSafe New Zealand, you can have confidence that they meet all regulatory requirements.

GIS Mapping Solutions

Exigent provides interactive mapping solutions for any business with a significant geographic footprint.  If your business has anything to do with the land, Exigent’s Geographic Information System interface lets you show all relevant information on a printable map.  This includes key risks, infrastructure (tracks, bridges, culverts, etc.), land management units, boundaries, terrain features, key safety equipment, and lots more.

Case Studies

A selection of our work

Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Farm Safety Management System

Exigent Risk Management (previously QSI) were contracted by Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) to develop a Farm Safety Management System specifically for New Zealand sheep and beef farmers. The systems were designed to be simple and easy to implement and, because they were developed in conjunction with WorkSafe New Zealand, farmers have confidence that the system meets all the legal requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

As part of B+LNZ’s farm safety support programme, Exigent conducts workshops for farmers throughout the country. Farmers are walked through the system and how to use it, and practical examples provided on how to make the system work in their own farming operation.  Farmers’ duties and responsibilities are also explained, including how to meet their obligations to employees, contractors, and visitors.

More than 2,500 sheep and beef farmers across New Zealand have received a Farm Safety Management System from B+LNZ developed by Exigent, with more than 97% positive feedback from workshop attendees.  The Farm Safety Management Systems and workshops are fully funded by B+LNZ levies and therefore available to all sheep and beef farmers.  Interested farmers should contact their B+LNZ Extension Manager for more information.


Federated Farmers of New Zealand

Farm Safety Management System

Exigent Risk Management (previously QSI) were contracted by Federated Farmers of New Zealand (FFNZ) to develop a Farm Safety Management System applicable to all farm types.  As with B+LNZ, the FFNZ system is simple, easy to implement and fully compliant with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

FFNZ Farm Safety Management Systems include guidance documentation which provides step-by-step advice on how to implement the system on-farm, as well as information on obligations and responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act. It also includes access to a safety advice hotline where one of Exigent’s experienced and qualified technical specialists provides specific advice.  The FFNZ package can be purchased from their online shop and includes:

–  All information and systems to facilitate compliance under the Health and Safety Act.
–  Guidance notes for implementation on-farm.
–  Safe work procedures for the arable, dairy, and meat and fibre industry groups.
–  Access to policy, legal and safety advice hotline.
–  Presented in a handy binder that can be added to over time.


Bayswater Vehicles

Safety Management System

Exigent Risk Management developed a Safety Management System (SMS) for Bayswater Vehicles for its dealerships in Hawke’s Bay.  The system helps Bayswater ensure that they meet their health and safety obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Exigent conducted a Safety Risk Assessment of both the Hastings and Napier sites and designed a simple and easy-to-implement SMS that meets the unique requirements of the business.  The SMS covers all aspects of Bayswater’s operations from the office, to the dealership, right through to the workshop.

It includes a safety reporting system that enables all safety related activities and incidents to be recorded, managed, and reported upon simply and easily on smartphones, tablets, and laptops/ desktops. This information is consolidated into regular reports for the Board, thereby helping ensure that the company’s Directors meet their due diligence obligations around health and safety in the workplace.

Exigent’s safety management systems are simple, easy to implement and, because they apply a risk-based approach, they focus on what’s important. Please contact us for more information.


About Us

Exigent Risk Management provides safety and risk management services in New Zealand

Exigent developed its risk management expertise working with clients in high-risk environments overseas in locations such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and we draw on this experience to provide safety and risk management services here in New Zealand.

This experience has provided us with a unique perspective – an understanding of what’s really important when managing risk. As a result, our systems and solutions are simple, effective, and easy to implement in your business.

Exigent provides safety management advice and assistance to the farming sector through Beef + Lamb NZ’s Farm Safety Support Programme and the Federated Farmers of New Zealand Farm Safety Management System.  We also provide assistance to schools, the motor trade industry, and the health sector.

Ethics + Values

Our fundamental principles

Exigent is committed to maintaining to the highest standard of ethics and professional conduct in its work. All Exigent employees and contractors are required to adhere to the following fundamental principles:

Exigent employees and contractors are to be straightforward and honest at all times.

Exigent employees and contractors shall not allow bias, conflicts of interest or the undue influence of others to compromise their professional judgement.

Exigent employees and contractors shall respect the confidentiality of clients information and shall not disclose any such information to third parties without proper and specific authority, or unless there is a legal or professional duty to disclose.

Professional behaviour
Exigent employees and contractors shall comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the course of their work. Additionally, they shall behave with courtesy and consideration towards all with whom they come into contact in a professional capacity.

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